STUDIOLAV in collaboration with Kostantia Manthou, worked on a creative new concept to showcase and connect the diverse collections of artifacts and designs available at the museum shops of Benaki Museum of Greek Culture, Pireos 138, Museum of Islamic Arts and the Ghika Gallery.

Inspired by the weird and wonderful Invisible Cities of Italo Calvino, each of the seven different images is an imaginative landscape of objects. In the landscapes, archaeology meets design and craft meets new technologies.

The objects have been curated in small collections based on their form, material or colour and shoot against vibrant, contrasting backgrounds in a still life aesthetic. Each of these images convey an exciting new story connecting the past, present and future of the objects inspired by the Benaki Museum archives.

The Benaki Museum has a long history of supporting local designers, craftsmen and makers, and as a result a very ecclectic and diverse collection in their museum shops. This project was a great opportunity to celebrate, these unique objects and artifacts, some of which have been specifically designed for the Benaki Museum.