The TREEE is fun and formative furniture for children. Inspired by the symbolic attributes attached to a tree – such as growth, strength, positive energy & family - the forms and functions of Abril and Amir TREEE have been conceived to create an environment to nurture and nourish. The three E’s in The TREEE stand for Enchantment, Engagement and Enlightment.” Designed to grow with each child and informed by the research of Jean Piaget and Sara Smilansky on the different stages of play: functional, constructive and symbolic. The TREEE adopts and evolves with children from new-born to early teens. Besides enhancing the stages of play, The TREEE also features as a game station, a creative hub and a starting point for adventure. It is the place where children keep their most treasured possessions, a place for storytelling and a natural anchor in a changing world.

Inspired by the classic building blocks toy, this concept is designed to bring kids and parents together to have fun assembling The TREEE. Simple geometric shapes are arranged in layers to form an abstract silhouette of a tree. The lower trunk compartments can be used for storing a child’s most precious possessions but are also easily removable and can be used as stools and occasional tables. Each trunk compartment is a character on its own: an imaginary creature, a tree hollow and tree branches. The TREEE compartments can be stored and transported with ease as they have been designed to fit into each other. Dierent functions have been assigned on dierent layers to meet the needs of children, aiming to enhance creative learning and play.