The TREEE is fun and formative furniture for children. Inspired by the symbolic attributes attached to a tree – such as growth, strength, positive energy & family - the forms and functions of Abril and Amir TREEE have been conceived to create an environment to nurture and nourish. The three E’s in The TREEE stand for Enchantment, Engagement and Enlightment.” Designed to grow with each child and informed by the research of Jean Piaget and Sara Smilansky on the different stages of play: functional, constructive and symbolic. The TREEE adopts and evolves with children from new-born to early teens. Besides enhancing the stages of play, The TREEE also features as a game station, a creative hub and a starting point for adventure. It is the place where children keep their most treasured possessions, a place for storytelling and a natural anchor in a changing world.

The concept behind Abril draws inspiration from wooden puzzle games. A series of flat layers can be arranged and slot together to create a rich 3D structure. The profiles of the foliage which make up the top structure of The TREEE represent the different seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter. These profiles can swap places and in the future, more panels will be created so children are encouraged to further personalize their TREEE. Abril TREEE is very easy to build, encouraging creative interaction between parents and children. Once the wall fixture is up, it can be put together and taken apart in less than five minutes without the use of any power tools.